The terms surrounding computer viruses can be confusing, even to us!  There’s a good article on computer viruses here, but the short answer is this: there are several categories of “bad stuff”…

  • classic viruses: take existing software on your machine and rewrite for nefarious purposes
  • trojan horses: trick you into installing them (from email or websites), then operate secretly
  • worms: install themselves without action on your part, then replicate and propagate without your ever knowing
  • adware & spyware: can be installed like trojan horses or worms, but have a different life purpose – they watch what you do on the Internet, then display advertisements or share information with their creators

Okay, ready for a pop quiz?  Actually, there’s no need – the only thing you need to know is how to get rid of them, and that’s simple.  Bring your computer to us and we’ll get it cleaned up, the right way, the first time. Check out our prices, then give us a call or stop by!  In the meantime, see our article on how to prevent them in the future, or check out the graphic below for more information…


Computer Virus, Malware Program Information & Threat Types
Source Antivirus Software Review