We’ve done a lot of research on the topic of anti-virus software, since virtually all of our clients end up asking about this at one time or another.

Our recommendation for the past year or so has been Symantec Endpoint Protection.  If you check reviews by independent companies (the “Consumer Reports” of the tech world), Symantec is consistenly one of the top-rated sofware developers, and one of the few actually based in the U.S.  (Doesn’t make much sense to buy anti-virus software developed in countries where the viruses are often developed, right?!)

It also does more than you might expect for the low cost (more on that in a minute) – if you purchase it through us, for instance, we can set it up so that we receive alerts if there are unresolved issues on your computer!  It’s that kind of partnership with our customers that sets us apart from other computer stores in the Ames area.

And – we’re going to get a little technical here – Symantec’s anti-virus software actually “talks” with Symantec itself to check for virus signatures, instead of relying on a file on your computer which can become corrupt.  It’s a truly powerful anti-virus solution.

So you’re probably thinking it’s going to cost a hundred bucks per year, right?  Actually, all of this protection is only $25/year!  Just email or call us to get set up right away – BEFORE you get infected!

If you’re the type that likes to see the research for yourself, there’s a 21-page report comparing different anti-virus solutions located here.  And if you have a small business that is considering different options, you’ll find this video on Symantec’s protection beyond anti-virus interesting.

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